Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some rules that I live by

 Think before you act – don’t just jump up and do something because you’ve done it for years before you got MS.   Your body may not work the way it used to. Sit back and visualize first what you have to do or where you need to go.

Have a plan – plan each step or action first in your mind.  Think about what it’s going to take to get from point A to point B before taking action.  Break up longer ventures into smaller segments and do one segment at a time.  Plan rest stops along the way and use them until you know for sure that you can bypass them.  Put a cordless or cell phone in your pocket.  Keep your hands free for grabbing if need be.

Don’t take chances – the last thing we want is to end up on the floor.  Analyze the task at hand.  If you’re not sure you can do it, don’t do it alone.  Wait until someone is around that can spot you in case you need a lending hand along the way.  If your at all like me, and many of you are, you don’t like to ask for help.  MS’ers, are typically movers and shakers.   think of the worst case scenario. if you can manage that worst case, then go for it. i do. but, if its going to mean putting you in a situation you don't want to be in or don't want to deal with, asking for help is going to save you grief. choosing when to ask for help is a learned behavior. it really depends on ones own abilities. you'll learn..Learn and become aware of your capabilities. Once you know you’re able to do it alone, you’ll be more comfortable doing it again. 

Plan for the worse – Avoiding falls is our number one priority.  If you have a task that you routinely do and if it ever resulted in a fall, even once, there’s a chance that it might happen again.  Be aware of your vulnerable task.  Put a cordless phone on the floor in the general area just in case.  IE. Getting in and out of the shower. 

Save Energy – don’t rush, Try to do things right the first time.